Horror/Sci-fi Comics Jan 2010
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Horror/Sci-fi Comics Jan 2010

Twice a month we will cover the comics coming out. This way we can cover a lot more than we have been in a much simpler way. If you read comic then you know there are too many at once to review.

Blackest Night: WonderWoman#2/3,  Suicide Squad#67 Weird Western Tales#71, Flash#2/3, JSA#2/3, Catwoman#67,GreenLantern#50, There are so MANY Blackest Night Tie-ins this month. I only named a few no new issue of BN because of the resurrection for one month only of old cancelled titles. It’s a neat fill in for any one who use to collect these books. Some have been dead for years like StarMan and Weird Western Tales, some more recent like Catwoman. Check them out or just stick to GL and Green Lantern Corps.

Shutter Island -A graphic novel based on a movie based on a book based on a true story. WOW that comic has something to live up too. Check it out or wait till the movie comes out. Wait better idea read the Book then see the movie then read the graphic novel.

Other noteworthy books, Jonah Hex#51,BPRD King of Fear#1,Dead @17 Sourcebook,Haunt#4,28 Days Later#5

Check them all out at Thats Entertainment in Worcester MA

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