Arisia 2010 Update and Movie Events
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Arisia 2010 Update and Movie Events

I have just found out about the panals I will be on for Arisia 2010 in two weeks

I am on the panal Movie in Review 09 Friday night at 8pm and Horror Anime on Sat

Check out the schedule for more info hope to see you there in two weeks.

Let me no you read the blog and get a prize, Next Friday go to Leominster Ma theater to see Day Breakers and get some cool prizes.

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  1. Malinda Scharmer
    January 24, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    Someone dropped a link to your site on Facebook and that’s where I first found your site. I Love the content I’ve seen so far and will absolutely return to read more later. By the way, are you on Facebook? We should connect.

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