2012 (I wish this would happen already so I could forget the movie)
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2012 (I wish this would happen already so I could forget the movie)

As we can see by the title, we over here at Radio of Horror weren’t exactly impressed with the new doomsday 2012 (though, apparently the rest of you were, it brought in 160 million internationally).

My personal all time favorite actor John Cusack fails me on this one. It’s 3 hours of shit blowing up and Cusack showing mild emotion while running through pre-determined disaster areas. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE disaster movies. Hell, I even enjoyed “The Core”. But other than the special effects, this movie fails. We love how it started out with Apocolpyse HO, but then quickly 360’s into some science tech bullshit that makes no sense. I don’t care how dumb you are, even you’ll think the science is retarded. It’s so retarted that NASA has created a website to dispel rumors and/or theories that are presented in 2012.

Save yourself a couple of bucks and rent ANY other disaster movie out there. Trust us, it’s better. Go see “Deep Impact”, “Absoulte Zero”, or even “The Day After Tomorrow” (wolves be damned).

Much thanks to Lemominster Entertainment Cinema for providing our comfy seating (did we mention 2012 is 3 HOURS?!?!) and plentiful popcorn!

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  1. Mark
    November 22, 2009 at 10:04 am

    The End of the World Arrives Three Years Ahead of Schedule
    I had an interesting pre-cursor while going in to see 2012 . I was with a small group of three, and I handed my tickets to the doorman, who, after ripping them and handing me back the stubs, said: “ Enjoy this graphics , this isn’t the kind of movie you go and see for the dialog.” My friends and I looked at each other and laughed. We were also a bit worried. Did we just drop about $15 bucks each to watch another disaster movie with vacant plot and characters? Are we foolish to expect more than a vacant plot and characters in a disaster movie?
    Fortunately, my answer is “No.” The answer from one of my friends who was with me is “Sort of.” But this isn’t my friends review, it’s mine. All mine! So, the answer is decidedly…”No” on both counts. 2012 proves that you can actually have an entertaining disaster movie as well as a few emotional chords to strike.

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