Witchblade Ep 8&9: Thanatopsis/Apprehension

Witchblade Ep 8&9: Thanatopsis/Apprehension

Ep 8 Air date: July 31, 2001A sniper’s bullet kills Sarah and Jake’s pursuit of an arms dealer, and triggers the discovery of some explosive information.

EP9 Air date: August 7, 2001 The delivery of a mysterious package embroils Sara (Yancy Butler) in an investigation into the murder of a pimp.

Back for two more episodes of this amazing podcast during thie time of Quarantine

This is a podcast where we talk about Horror/Fantasy/Sci-fi shows that have been cancelled. We hope you enjoyed the coverage so far. Thanks to everyone who has found the Podcast recently. If you could leave a rating on iTunes for us that would be great. Music from this episode is provided to us by Jess-O-Lantern. Don’t forget to check out our awesome Sponsor for the Radio of Horror network

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