Vampire the Masquerade

Kindred The Embraced: Pilot

WELCOME to the very first episode of this amazing new podcast. This podcast is dedicated to all the cancelled tv shows in the Horror sci-fi fantasy genres.
In the first episode of the podcast we talk about the pilot to Kindred the Embraced. The short lived 90s Vampire show.
We will be doing all 8 episodes and then a spotlight on the Clans of the Role Playing Game Vampire the Masquerade. This is going to include sensative subject matter that may not be sutable for all ages. Listen discretion is advised.

We record this over skype, I apologize ahead of time for the sound quality fluctuation in the flux capacitor.
Sorry for the delay we had some site problems.

The Dead Tv Podcast is recorded at the WCUW Studios in Worcester MA

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The Dead TV Podcast
The Dead TV Podcast
Kindred The Embraced: Pilot