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C&L Ep24: Crossroad Blues

Welcome back to another episode of Supernatural Creatures and Lore. Crossroad Blues/strong> In the episode we learn a bit of history of one of the greatest Blues singers of all time.
Air date: November 16, 2006

Sam and Dean investigate a local dive bar and discover it is on a site where a deal-making demon has been making people’s dreams come true in exchange for their souls.

My Co-host Actress Mel Heflin joins us. We talk in this episode about how to make a deal with a Cross road demons and Mel shares a little bit about why she would. You get to hear a real personal story from her. We pull the facts from a variety of sources and books, anything left out or facts you disagree with please be aware we are not experts in this field.

Going forward this podcast will be ONCE a month and coming out on the 24th of each month. If you noticed since December it has been doing that already.

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Music at the beginging and end of this episode is from The Robert Johnson catalog of Blues Music

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Supernatural Creatures and Lore
C&L Ep24: Crossroad Blues