Friday the 13th Ep 5&6: Hellowe’en and The Great Montarro

Friday the 13th Ep 5&6: Hellowe’en and The Great Montarro

Thanks for coming back to another episode of The Dead Tv Podcast where we talk about Horror shows that have been cancelled. This time we look at FRIDAY the 13th the series Episodes 5&6: Hellowe’en and The Great Montarro. In these episodes Mistress Zeneca takes over with Alyse Wax as I am unable to speak. Alyse is the writer of the book Curious Goods a guide to The Friday the 13th Tv Series. If you have not had a chance to pick up a copy yet please do so.
Two episodes every other week we host The Dead Tv Podcast. This show has 3 seasons and is the longest show we ever had a chance to cover.
Episode 5 Original Air date: October 31, 1987 Uncle Lewis’ corpse crashes the Halloween party for a second chance to live.
Episode 6 Original Air date: November 7, 1987 An illusionist plans to use a box from the shop to perform a dead magician’s trick.

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