Witchblade: The TV Movie

Welcome to 2020 in this new year we discuss WITCHBLADE the series first tho its the original Pilot and joining us is former Witchblade WRITER RON MARZ. Original Air Date Aug 2000 Young NY City Detective investigating the death of an old friend stumbles apon the mystical gauntlet known as the Witchblade and meets new […]

SPN Creatures and Lore Ep40: Party on Garth

The first episode of 2020 Happy New Year Mel is leaving for Japan soon and I thought we take a look at the episode where Sam and Dead and GARTH fight a Japanese ghost … a SHO Jo. This was fun. Party on Garth Party on Wayne. Party On Garth Original Airdate March 30, 2012 […]

Hack/Slash 15th Anniversary

Welcome to the 15th Anniversary special of HACK/SLASH. Joining me for this special end of the year issue is the man hilself TIM SEELEY to talk about the anniversary issue and where Hack/Slash is going from here. Thanks to the many many artists and writers who have worked on Cassie and Vlad over the last […]

Clerks The Animated Series: The Series Finale

EP 6 Air Date: Never Aired The final episode of the short lived Kevin Smith Show is the only episode set entirely in the quick stop. Its a shame this show ended a little better writing it could have gone a bit longer. Also on a better network would have been better. This is a […]

Hack/Slash # 8

Gpth Girl Horror continues its coverage of the Hack Slash Comics with Issue 8 Tub Club Part 2 and Horror Journalist Alice joins me again to discuss this issue of Sexy lesbian horror and Bathory Homages. Thanks to all the writers and artists who have worked on Hack/Slash over the last 15 years. Happy 15th […]

Clerks The Animated Series Eps 3&4: Trial and Baseball

Welcome back to Clerks the Animated series we look at two more episodes of the show Ep3: A Dissertation on the American Justice System by People Who Have Never Been Inside a Courtroom, Let Alone Know Anything About the Law, But Have Seen Way Too Many Legal Thrillers. Title says it all lol Ep4: Dante […]

Hack/Slash # 7

Welcome back to the podcast, we return to the ongoing series of Hack/Slash with Tub Club part 1 and I am joined by some guest from the Marvel Horror podcast Tombs of Ideas. Who’s episode 31 I appear on this week Thanks very much to all the people who have contributed to Hack/Slash over the […]

Clerks The Animated Series ep 2&3: Clip Show & Outbreak

Welcome back everyone to The Clerks Animated Series  S1, Ep2 Original Air date: June 2001 or never aired in original broadcast order.   Dante and Randal reminisce when they lock themselves in the freezer after trying out the new latches.Leonardo Leonardo Returns and Dante Has an Important Decision to Make Ep3 Original Airdate June 2001 […]

Hack/Slash vs Vampirella Writer Shawn Aldridge

Thanks for coming back to Goth Girl Horror, flying solo on this final part of HS vs Vampy as Sarina has departed the show. Joining me is the Writer of the mini series Shawn Aldridge to talk about the story origins and his own time in comics and how he became the writer of this […]

Clerks The Animated Series Ep1: Leonardo Returns

Welcome everyone to The Clerks Animated Series  S1, Ep1 20 Feb. 2001 or never aired in original broadcast order. Leonardo Leonardo Returns and Dante Has an Important Decision to Make   a new convenient store opens across from t he Quick Stop that threatens to put Dante and Randal out of a job  This is […]

SPN Creatures and Lore Ep 39: Mint Condition

We are BACK after a hiatus of a few months we have the first of TWO Halloween episodes to bring you. Our second coverage this month is in honor of All Saints Day as we talk about an episode from S14 Mint Condition My Co-host Actress Mel Heflin joins us. We pull the facts from […]

Hack/Slash vs Vampirella #3

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and Welcome back to the 50th Anniversary of Vampirella Special coverage. We have Author Nancy Collins joining us for our Vampirella coverage this time. She has worked on Swamp Thing as well as created the character Sonja Blue.  We will break down the comics one issue at a time with your hosts Dr.Chris […]

The Addams Family: The END

We say good bye to the Addams Family as we cover these final 3 episodes of the show. We tried to have a SUPER special guest on with us to talk about the show but alas was not meant to be. We hope you enjoyed our LONG coverage of this awesome show from the 60s […]

The Addams Family S2 Ep 26&27: Cats and Robots

We got two more Episodes of the classic Addams Family TV show for you a bit late this week do to Halloween stuff . This episode we talk abit about the Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet. We also talk about the 2019 Animated Addams Family movie.  Air date: March 11, 1966 and March 18th […]

Hack/Slash vs Vampirella #2

Welcome back to the 50th Anniversary of Vampirella Special coverage. We decided to take a break from the ongoing to cover the Anniversary of every one favorite female comic book Vampire. We have another special guest on the show with us for this episode from Vampirella creative past.    We will break down the comics […]