Hack/Slash Product Review

We take a look at the Hack Slash Beer, Statue and recently release long delayed action figure. No comics covered this time. All episodes are on iTunes Sticher and Google play and you can find us on twitter at @gothgirlhorror @chrisdsav. Check out the main show this podcast is connected too at The Dr.Chris […]

Lifeforce Mins 40-45: Ministry of Defense

Scott and I return from a short break for these five mins where not a lot happens lol. We got more exciting mins coming soon, but this is one of the lulls in the movie. Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling ass hole nature on our comment section. We […]

WOTW Ep 17&18: The Meek Shall Inherit & Unto Us a Child Is Born

We return with the theses two amazing episode of the War of the Worlds TV show and Zeneca gives us a look at the Island of monster HG Wells created 2/13/89: The aliens plan to disorganise human society by paralysing its means of communication. 2/20/89: To escape capture, an alien merges with a pregnant woman. […]

Hack/Slash/Eva: Monsters Ball # 3&4

We wrap up the Monsters Ball mini series this week. Dr. Praetorious has joined forces with Mary Shelley Lovecraft, and they’re looking to make some changes around here. (Note: by ‘around here’ we mean ‘across our entire reality’ – which is NOT A GOOD THING!) Meanwhile, our heroes are doing their best to stay alive […]

WOTW Ep15&16: He Feedeth Among the Lilies & The Prodigal Son

We return with two new episodes talking about some interesting plot changing story lines this week on the show. Mistress Zeneca focus area is as enlightening as always. This time about a different kind of HG Wells Story 15th:Airdate 1/30/89 The Blackwood Project investigates individuals who claim to have had “close encounters”. The team stumbles […]

Lifeforce Mins 35-40: The Walking Shriveled

Scott and I return this time with the next five mins I listened to a bit of the commentary on this one so check it out. The Blu-ray for lifeforce is available and on sale right now from Scream Factory Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling ass hole nature […]

Lifeforce Mins 30-35: Vamp Bros

Scott and I return with a new exciting episode covering this 36 year old Scifi Vamp movie please enjoy and help out the show with Buy me a Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling ass hole nature on our comment section. We will have the podcast available on […]

Hack/Slash/Eva: Monster’s Ball #1&2

Charsie and I take a look at the first two issues of the cross over with Eva Daughter of DRACULA as Cassie and Vlada and a Lovecraft Babe cross paths again and we learn what Harlot Scarves are lol. Eva: a time-lost warrior who believes that God wants her to rid our world of the […]

WOTW ep 13&14: Choirs of Angels & Dust to Dust

Welcome back to the Dead Tv Podcast coverage of War of the Worlds as we look at episodes 13&14 Air date 1-16-89: A noted scientist and old friend of Suzanne’s, Dr. Erik Von Deer, is being brain-washed (through signals subliminally implanted in the music of his favorite artist)  Air date 1-23-89: Many centuries ago, one […]

Life Force mins 25-30: Vampy want a cookie

Welcome back to the Vampire Movie Minute podcast as we continue discussing how beautiful Matila is in these brief scenes we have her in fully nude before she disappears for awhile to explore the human world Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling ass hole nature on our comment section. […]

SPN CL: Sex and Violence

MEL AND CHRIS are back in 2021 with a brand new episode Covering Sirens here on Supernatural Creatures and Lore Podcast. Hope you all had a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. When Sam and Dean investigate a Siren who caused three small-town men to beat their wives to death, they soon fall under her […]

Bomb Queen vs Hack/Slash

We take a look at the Image cross over with Bomb Queen a sadistic psycho bad girl with her own book. This is our most politically charged book as well since we talk about Biden and Trump as does Bomb Queen lol. The demon dog, Pooch, leads Hack/Slash’s Cassie and Vlad to the dimension of superheroes where […]

WOTW Ep 11&12: Epiphany & Among the Philistines

Welcome back to the Dead Tv podcast coverage of War of the Worlds, today MZ looks at the Time Machine and we have our first episode of the new year 1989. Air Date 1-2-89: Wanting to set off a “tribal war” within the human race, the aliens attempt to detonate a nuclear bomb at a […]

Lifeforce Mins 20-25: Space Girl

Welcome back we are at the best mins of the entire movie as Space Girl Makes her moves and its the most beautiful naked scene in a sci-fi movie. She has this intoxicating beauty to her, the actress Matilda May just oozes Vampire Erotica Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a […]

Lifeforce Mins 15-20: Containment Protocols

Welcome back to a New Exciting Episode of the podcast, this may be one of our shortest episode as its a lot of chatter back and forth between characters. Hope you had a good New and enjoy this weeks show. We begin with them entering the ship of BBQ people and end with a guy […]