Hack/Slash #28

We have a couple cool treats for this episode of Goth Girl Horror, first our new ongoing Cohost Charsie joins us to review issue 28, and we have Artist DAN PARENT on the show with us who drew this and issue 6. Music is by Mad Monster Party, and the Devils Mirror The Cave by […]

SPN CL #45 Family Remains

Tonight Mel and I talk about Squatters in homes and the horror of learning when you move into a new home you may not be alone. We also fan boy over Supergirl star Helen Slater Airdate: Jan 19, 2009 The Winchesters try to stop a family from moving into a haunted house but is actually […]

Hack/Slash #26&27

On the show for this episode I am joined by Artist Bryan Baugh who drew issues 24-27, I was grateful to he talks about his history with Hack/Slash and we dive deep into his career as an artist in animation working on one of my favorite cartoons Transformers Prime. Music is by Mad Monster Party, […]

The Living Corpse Annual #1

In this episode the co creator Artist Buz Hasson of the living Corpse joins me for an issue of their comic that Cassie and Vlad guest star in. Living Corpse Annual #1 guest stars Cassie and Vlad from D.D.P.’s Hack/Slash! Something dark and evil lurks in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey called the Jersey […]

SPN CL 44: Yellow Fever

We have a guest from the show on with us this week, David Mattey who plays Luthar Garland the ghost of the episode joins us at the beginning to talk about being an extra on our favorite show. Then we talk about Ghost sickness and what fear each of the hosts have. Airdate: Episode aired […]

Once Bitten Mins 90-93: End Credits

We say good bye to the movie ONCE bitten here on the Vampire movie minute podcast, but we do have one more episode next week a special guest star from the movie, in this episode we are joined by Chris from The Jay and Silent Bob Movie Minute. Please leave comments and corrections if they […]

Hack/Slash #24&25

Jennifer from Gin and Comics Comics will Break your Heart joins me for these two back to back issues of Hack/Slash with art by Bryan Baugh and story by Tim Seeley. SONS OF MAN: Part 1-A great jump-on point for new readers! The enigmatic masked man Samhain returns and he’s calling in a favor for […]

Once Bitten Mins 80-85: So F…..Off

Shannon of the Vampire Movie Club joins me again for these mins as Countess dives for Marks Neck and Robin Saves her Bf and go on a chase. Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling ass hole nature on our comment section. We will have the podcast available on Itunes […]

Once Bitten Mins 75-80: It’s a Trap

Tonight I am joined by Shannon from the Vampire Movie Club as Scott is out for medical reasons and we discuss her podcast and these five mins as Mark and the guys set off to rescue Robin only to be captured by the Countess in her trap for him. Please leave comments and corrections if […]

Witchblade: The Finale with Yancy Butler

Last episode of show and we saved the best for last as we are joined by YANCY BUTLER her self the star of the tv show Witchblade, her interview will play first then followed by the last review of the show. This is a podcast where we talk about Horror/Fantasy/Sci-fi shows that have been cancelled. […]

Hack/Slash: Entry Wound

Greg Joins me again for this short episode as we cover this 12 page one shot that had a flip book aspect to it each side a different story. This is a short episode but introduces a cool new villain for Cassie and Vlad Music is by Mad Monster Party, Corey Tourigny All episodes are […]