Once Bitten Bonus Interview

SCott and I talk to the Writer and Producer Dimitri Villard and Actor Joseph Brutsman who played Confederate Soldier Vampire in this final episode for Once Bitten Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling ass hole nature on our comment section. We will have the podcast available on Itunes Google […]

Hack/Slash Annual #2 Murder Messiah

HAPPY THANKSGIVING Charsie and I talk about the first Image Comic H/S issue Murder Messiah which kicks off the long run at Image HS has had over the years. Its extra Long and extra fun. I reveal some truths about me lol. If you have listened to the podcast before You know what it is. […]

Hack/Slash Mercy Sparx: A Slice of Hell # 1&2

TONIGHT on Friday the 13th in a year of Friday the 13ths every day it seems I am joined by Mercy Sparx Creator and DDP Guru the legendary JOSH BLAYLOCK as we cover these two very hard to find issues. I fly solo on this one but Charsie will be back in two weeks. HS […]

SPN CL #46 Criss Angel is a Douchebag

Mel and I return with an exciting new episode of this podcast covering stage magicians and stage magic and some of the greatest ever performed. Original Airdate: 1/22/2009 The Winchester brothers start investigating magicians who seem to be using black magic after several people die in ways that recall the magicians’ stage illusions. My Co-host […]

Hack/Slash The Movie?!?!?

Happy Halloween GGH fans welcome to this non comic review episode as Tim Seeley joins Charsie and I to talk about the many unmade Hack/Slash movies and tv shows and why they didn’t happen. Music from the end title is from Mad Monster Hack/Slash Song as well as the theme to Entertainment Tonight All episodes […]

War of The Worlds S1 Ep1&2: Resurrection

We begin our coverage of the 1980s tv show WAR OF THE WORLDS, you will remember we talked a lot about this show when we covered Friday the 13th the series as they were both in syndication and made by the same studio, The show can be purchased on DVD from CBS home video. War […]

Hack/Slash #29-32

We are back after a brief Hiatus Charsie and I return to end the DDP Ongoing volume one of Hack/Slash and we are joined by the crew from Longbox of Darkness to discuss these final issues. Music from this episode is from Devil’s Mirror : The Cave Metallica Where ever I may Roam All […]

Special: War of the Worlds 1953 film

Mistress Zeneca and I discuss the War of the Worlds 1953 movie as it is connected to the 1980s tv show. We compare the movie to the original H. G. Wells book and discuss the Criterion Collection special additional extras and features. If you haven’t gotten the Criterion Collection, do it. It’s a great blu-ray […]

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures: The Finale

We say good bye to the Bill and Ted Universe with a send off most excellent as the actor who played Bill Evan Richards, he chats with us about his career and what he’s been doing as well as the cult classic horror film Society. Then we review the final two episodes of the show. […]

Hack/Slash #28

We have a couple cool treats for this episode of Goth Girl Horror, first our new ongoing Cohost Charsie joins us to review issue 28, and we have Artist DAN PARENT on the show with us who drew this and issue 6. Music is by Mad Monster Party, and the Devils Mirror The Cave by […]

SPN CL #45 Family Remains

Tonight Mel and I talk about Squatters in homes and the horror of learning when you move into a new home you may not be alone. We also fan boy over Supergirl star Helen Slater Airdate: Jan 19, 2009 The Winchesters try to stop a family from moving into a haunted house but is actually […]

Hack/Slash #26&27

On the show for this episode I am joined by Artist Bryan Baugh who drew issues 24-27, I was grateful to he talks about his history with Hack/Slash and we dive deep into his career as an artist in animation working on one of my favorite cartoons Transformers Prime. Music is by Mad Monster Party, […]

The Living Corpse Annual #1

In this episode the co creator Artist Buz Hasson of the living Corpse joins me for an issue of their comic that Cassie and Vlad guest star in. Living Corpse Annual #1 guest stars Cassie and Vlad from D.D.P.’s Hack/Slash! Something dark and evil lurks in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey called the Jersey […]