Hack/Slash# 18-20

Welcome back to the next three issues of the Hack/Slash podcast, these story arcs we grouped together as they are a little easier to cover than just doing it one at a time especially since I don’t have a full time co-host and have pitch hitters helping me along the way. This time its Jennifer […]

Witchblade S2 Ep 2&3: Destiny & Agape

We return with two episodes this time in Season 2 of the Top Cow based Detective show. We talk abit about the Magdalana another Top Cow character tied to the Witchblade Mythos. Ep2: Airdate June,16th 2002 Sara manages to save her partner, Danny Woo, but Kenneth Irons procures an ancient weapon capable of destroying both […]

Once Bitten Mins 30-35: Juice Boxes and Boys Coir

Tonight we talk about the Capree Sun Juice Box legend and Who the Viana Boys Coir is as Mark leaves the Countess after a quick bite, he think we lost his virginity Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling ass hole nature on our comment section. We will have the […]

SPN C&L Ep 41: Long Distance Call

After a short break and a special episode regarding the Psycology of Supernatural we return with Ghost Calls, this episode has two creatures in it but really focus on calls from spooks. Mel returns to the show for this episode. We originally recorded this back in January of this year before the Outbreak went nuts. […]

Hack/Slash #15-17

Tonight we explore the world of HP Lovecraft with this look at Cassie and Vlad Meet The Re-Animator story line as Cassie and Vlad finally track down her father, working alongside Herbert West. Ellie Christina joins me again for this episode of Lovecraftian Horror in 3 issues in one episode. We dedicate this episode to […]

Once Bitten Mins 25-30: Career Goals

Today we discuss the countess first bite of Mark Kendell and him mixing his career goals trying to impress the countess, and we see where the other vampires sleep for the day. Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling ass hole nature on our comment section. We will have the […]

Witchblade Season 2 Ep 1:Emergence

Ep 1 Air Date June 16, 2002 Time resets, and Sara and Danny are at the Rialto, but Sara turns away, causing great annoyance in Irons, who wanted the Witchblade to bond with her through shedding blood. So he decides to find a new woman to wield the ‘Blade, and sets a murderous plot in […]

Once Bitten Mins 20-25: Do you need a Bib?

We are back this week covering how the Countess and Mark escape a gun toting maniac in a Hollywood nightclub. We discuss a deep dark secret about Scott as well. Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling ass hole nature on our comment section. We will have the podcast available […]

Hack/Slash Suicide Girls Annual

We take a look into the world of Suicide Girls and the history behind the website with this extra long 48 page issue. Joining me to help talk about being a cam girl is Ro from the Boobs Blood and Baddasses The Hammer Horror Podcast. You can find this show over on the Dorkening Ntwork. […]

Once Bitten Mins 15-20: Studs R US

Scott and I continue talking about this 35 year old Vampire Comedy with Mark meeting the Countess and Jamie and Russ being mistaken for a pervert named Chester. Don’t forget you can find it on bluray from Scream Factory. Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling ass hole nature on […]

Supernatural Psychology Special

On this special episode of Supernatural Creatures and Lore we have Psychologist Lynn Zubernis on with us to talk about Fangasm and more Psychology books she has written connected to the show. My Co-host Actress Mel Heflin does NOT joins us for this episode but will be back for the next one. We pull the […]

Witchblade Ep 10&11:Convergence & Transcendence

Ep 10: Aired 14 August 2001 With her life is danger from the White Bulls, Sara’s not sure who to she can trust. Even with partner Jake’s revelation, she’s not entirely sure she can trust him. Ep11: Aired 21 August 2001Kenneth Irons tries to get Captain Dante to call off his hunt for Sara, but […]

Once Bitten Mins 10-15: Hollywood

We come back with the next five mins with the guys in Hollywood and picking up some Woman and we learn some great things about the area of town they are in from Mistress Zeneca. You can find this film on blu-ray from Scream Factory double packed with Love at First Bite Please leave comments […]

Hack/Slash #14

WELCOME TO THE 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Podcast Tonight we take a trip to the land of OZ and joining me for this issue of HS OZ weirdness is Brian Crowley a artist and writer of Hack/Slash Comics, most recently in the HS 15th Anniversary special. Music is by Mad Monster Party and Corey […]