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Synapse Films

Synapse Films

Tonight Gerald Chandler one of the two founders of Synapse films will be on the show tonight, they are a distribution company for tons of great titles like Maniac Cop, The Dorm that Dripped Blood, and Hammer Films Vampire Circus just to name a few.

We will also discuss the new thriller, in the wilderness The Grey staring Liam Neeson, (playing at the Blackstone Valley Cinema Delux and the Leominster Entertainment Cinema)  and discuss The trailers for alll this Resident Evil stuff coming out over the next 11 months.


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Horror and Sci-fi Television Returns

Being Human, Walking Dead, Spartacus,Fringe, Supernatural, Transformers Prime, Succubus, The Vampire Diaries, The River, Alcatraz,

WOW there is a lot of stuff too watch on tv, with shows still returning or have returned or just gettign started you cant say there is nothing to watch on tv these days for Horror and Sci-Fi fans.

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Resident Evil: Damnation

A new Resident Evil CGI Anime movie, and Resident Afterlife the new craptactular CGI heavy feature film, I think I will go with the anime more.

Resident Evil shoudl be turned into a anime show in Japan that would be very cool, Speaking of Horror in Anime who has seen Blade the Anime does it look cool, is it as bad ass as Wesley Snipes films???

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Hanover theater

Tonight on the show we had Lauie Carr from the Hanover Theater to talk about Rock of Ages, which comes to Worcester NEXT weekend starting Friday at 7pm. RoH is giving away two tickets to that show this week.

We played a variety of Poe tthemed poems by Vincent Price, James Earl Jones and Others

The Music from Star Wars: The Old Republic its great music composed for the MMORPG

Video Games

Pax East and New Castlevania Music

Pax East registration has been open for several weeks now. We are waiting to hear back on weather or not RoH is going, this weekend we will play Egar Allen Poe poems and music from a  guy in Germany who remastered a bunch of Castlevania Music

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New Horror DvDs and Blue Rays

New Horror DvDs and Blue Rays

Shout Factories MST3K XXII, contains Tiem of The Apes, Mighty Jack, The Violent Years, and The Brute Man, which the film it self inspired The Hado Awards.

From Synapse Films The Dorm that Dripped Blood, Intruder, Maniac Cop, and the Hammer Horror classic Vampire Circus.  Check out the show this weekend as we review all these gems and terrible films.