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Ghostbusters Cartoons

There was an announcement a few weeks ago that we are getting a new Ghostbusters cartoon set in the future. This sounds very similar to Dan Akroyds original script for Ghostbusters which was to be set in the future, I’m sure there is no coincidence. Up to this point Ghostbusters cartoons have been hit or miss there is no denying that the Real Ghostbusters was a hit. The Extreme Ghostbusters depending on who you talk to is a hit or miss among fans. It did give us a abetter diverse cast than what we have coming out Friday.

I’m not going to go over the entire show so many other people have done that but I will point out some of the highlights of the show and my favorite episodes, including thoughts on  the Extreme. Sorry Filmmation Ghostbusters I just don’t have enough interest to cover your cartoon based on the 1970s tv show.  The Real Ghostbusters recently returned in an IDW mini series crossing them over with the ongoing story arc.


ALL EPISODES ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON HOME VIDEO however the new set does not contain all the episodes and lacks any bonus material

Collect Call of the Cthulhu

If this is not the BEST episode of the entire cartoon I don’t know what is. The Necronomicon is stolen from the NY public Library the same library seen in the beginning of Ghostbusters the movie. The guys team up with a spell caster from Miskatonic university and actually fight Cthulhu and his cult of worshipers. ” He makes Gozer look like little Mary Sunshine” Its dark its drawn well and it kicks ass go buy it now

Ragnarok and Roll

A guy depressed over losing his girl friend decides to bring about the end of the world with a magic flute than can summon some bad shit. This episode is one of the darkest ever and a touching love story. A great moment is when he comes to his senses with the help of his faithful companion his ex and the guys and cant stop Ragnarok Egon put a plan together and commands his team perfectly

The Night Halloween Was forever

Sam Hain the living embodiment of Halloween comes back to bring about Halloween forever. He appears in two episodes both equally good. They talk about the lore of Halloween and there is some cool imagery. I like the second episode more minus the Jr Ghostbusters who are annoying Sam turns the firehouse into his new headquarters.

The Boogey Man Cometh

A look into the history of Egon Spengler as he was terrified of the Boogey man now BM has a voice so raspy and creepy only Frank Welker ( Megatron, Dr.Claw Slimer) could pull it off. In the second episode Egon gets thrown off a building and nearly dies and has to come to grips with the fall but he also frees the Boogey man from  his prison. Its darker in tone I think and really hits it on all levels.

Extreme Ghostbusters

Over all this show was hit or miss I like the animation at times and its really dark and moody in almost every episode. You have the four kids being trained by Egon and its something we had hoped the 3rd movie should have been about. Alas with the Death of Harold Ramis  we didn’t get that we got ….well see it Friday


Time Life Warner put out a great box set filled with bonus material and the toons just got released on dvd again last week, but be warned its a paltry set compared to what we got in 2009. No word on Extreme Ghostbusters yet.

Stay tuned for another Ghostbuster review later this week.

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Fright Night Documentary Update

One day after my interview with Producer Gary Smart airs they release this announcement that the doc has been delayed till Halloween. From their kick starter

“Our intended release date for ‘You’re so cool, Brewster!’ was late August 2016, however, due to some transfer issues including technical (which have now been fully resolved thanks to our post-production team) as well as only just received some “rare materials” which we’ve had to incorporate into the doc, the release has now been pushed back to a Halloween release.”

Its sad as I was looking forward to this back in the Spring and then this August but now we have to wait till Halloween. They did release the list of Bonus materiel that will be on the dvd

DVD 1 – You’re so Cool Brewster! Documentary Part 1 DVD 2 – You’re so Cool Brewster! Documentary Part 2 Blu-ray – You’re so Cool Brewster! Full Documentary (4 hours approx) DVD 3 – Special Documentary enhancements

  • Writing Horror: Tom Holland Feature (9 mins)
  • From Apes to Bats: Roddy McDowall Feature (20 mins)
  • A Beautiful Darkness: Julie Carmen discusses Regine’s costumes feature (5 mins)
  • Full-extended Peter Vincent Host segments featuring Simon Bamford (30 mins)
  • Peter Vincent Host Behind the Scenes featuring Simon Bamford (6 mins)
  • What is Fright Night? Feature (10 mins)
  • Peter Vincent Trailers: ‘I Rip your Jugular’, ‘Werewolves of Moldavia’, ‘Resurrection of Dracula’, and ‘Psychedelic Death’ featuring Simon Bamford as Peter Vincent and Nicholas Vince as Christopher Cushing
  • Peter Vincent Trailer outtakes (11 mins)
  • Weekend of Horrors Germany Q&A with Amanda Bearse and Stephen Geoffreys (25 mins)
  • Tom Holland and Amanda Bearse talk Fright Night (30 mins)
  • Round table discussion with Tom Holland, William Ragsdale and Stephen Geoffreys (17 mins)
  • An interview with David Madison Director of Mr. Hush (5 mins)
  • Exclusive Photo Gallery featuring Behind the Scenes photos from Fright Night and Fright Night Part 2
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Cult Screenings

One of the crew members  behind the Fright Night and RoboCop and Leviathon documentary on the show tonight
Then some music from Fright Night and RoboCop

Check out my review of their action figure which we talk about in the interview and came in the mail yesterday

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Short Summer Horror Reviews

Some summer reviews a couple in theaters and 2 straight to video

Conjuring 2


The sequel to the 2013 film does not disappoint. Picking up after they get the call to go to upstate New York to investigate the Amityville House in the previous movie The Warrens get spooked by a Nun Demon and a man denouncing them on a talk show all the while a new Haunting is happening London. The Conjuring 2 stays true to form and James Wan really gives us a scary ghost story the way we like it with all the trappings you expect but he seems to do an amazing job where others fail to give us a truly great ghost story.  The Nun demon in the movie will have a spin off based on it coming next year. Let’s hope it can hold up better than Annabelle who also has a sequel coming although I’m not sure how since the doll is locked up in the Warren house. James Wan directs Vira Farminga and Patrick Wilson return as Ed and Loraine Warrens.



A couple dealing with the death of their son get a strange visitor in the middle f the night claiming she is being chased by killers, but not is all what it seems as they find clues to who the killers really are. This takes the home invasion movie and throws the whole idea out the door in the lake dries it out and gives us a unique story I was not expecting. I can’t talk much more about that plot other than Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes, Kiss of the Damned) is great in this film Sarah Shahi  (Person of Interest) plays his wife.  Sara Paxton (Last House on the Left, Shark Night 3-D) who plays the girl in trouble really makes us belie she is in trouble. The “killers” have a unique look to them and really give the film a spooky edge. The movie was called threesome in other countries and on the commentary the crew discuss why. It’s also in 3-D not sure why but it is a 3-D film.

The Purge: Election Year

If you skipped the Purge films after hearing how bad the first one is then go back watch them out of order. Maybe or just watch part 2 cuz these films are good. James DeMonac directed all three and really gets better with each one. A rare thing in a Horror movie trilogy as each movie gets better than the last one. In Purge Election year a Senator played by Elizabeth Mitchel (Lost, V) is trying to become president and get rid of the Purge after he family was killed. Frank Grillo (Captain America: Civil War) returns from the second movie now as her head of Security. It’s a great action packed movie that really drives home what the Purge is about. Some teen shoplifters I like to call the Bling Bling Bitches who try and hassle a convenience store owner (Mykelti Williamson Bubba from Forest Gump).  and the number one characters you can’t wait to see get killed off. This movie has a great way of fixing mistakes it makes very quickly. Don’t want to give it away but you have to see it to really get the full scope about how great this movie was. This movie has so many other great characters in it too many to name for this small review.  I like to think Bubba, Cross Bones and Mrs. Claus team up to take down the Purge.


Going into this movie I had no idea it was a police watching a found footage movie and that really annoyed me as I hate found footage movies. But as the story progresses and you pay attention you cut back and forth between the footage on the cameras and cell phones and the drama with the police Stephen Moyer, (True Blood) Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill 1 and 2) When you get to the end of the movie with all the characters I felt a little lost like there was some deleted scenes I didn’t see. I don’t think the narrative flows as ell as you might think but I was surprised to see who the killer was. The ending felt a  little rushed. They spent so much time cutting back and forth between the footage and the police.  The director Olatunde Osunsanmi has a directed other films with twisty plots like The Fourth Kind, Smoking Aces and some bizarre episodes on tv shows like Bates Motel and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. It’s worth checking out if you want a twisty plot line film missing a few pieces.

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Tiffany and Sean take 2

Tonight after being off the air last week due to our transmitter being down I will be relaxing in the studio with my interview with the Horror Icon, ( I mean WOW she is in a LOT of Horror movies too many to list)  Tiffany Shepis. A little later on we have Sean Whalen on talking about Hatchet 2 and People Under the Stairs and Twister and more.  They both appear in Death House a fantastic looking horror movie coming soon. The music from Nightmare on Elm St Part 2 Freddy Revenge will be played between interviews.




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10th Anniversary of

I got to know the crew of Dread Central back in 2007 when I first launched Radio of Horror. Uncle Creepy Steve Barton has come on the show in 2010 and 2012 and we plan to have him on in 2016 or 17 as well. They are a huge source of News for Horror fans. Love or hate them they have stuck around the longest and always offer great information in the horror community. I miss their Dinner for Fiends podcast but they have a new show Brainwaves staring Steve and another guest of the show Joe Knetter.


Happy Birthday guys