American Snuff Story: SEX COVEN
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American Snuff Story: SEX COVEN

When did American Horror Story become a god damn porno.
  It has had sex in it before and no biggie but this season has been Beastiality, incest, mother on son rape, vaginal death, a rape train on a girl, am I  missing anything wowzers.

I like the characters, dont get me wrong Emma Roberts very cool ( untill her death ) Evan Peters as Frankenkit, Tarrisa Farminga I think I am in lvoe with her. Jamie Brewer is fantastic and they dont play up her down syndrome as much as they did season 1, they treat her like any other woman.  Gabourey Sidibe is interesting as the human pin cushion. I love Angela Basset in anything she does. Jessica Lange kicks ass in every season.  Kathy Bates boy I cant wait for her character to die QUICKLY and PAINFULLY.

I really like the characters this season but  but ….but this is insane. Its no longer a great show its just shy of Porn and I like porn but I watch this show for its called AMERICAN HORROR STORY. This is American SNUFF Story. I cant express an opinion on how she treated slaves its horror onto the United States of American for allowing slavery in the country but lets not get political. Hows its depicted on the show is really mesed up. 12 Years of a Slave have nothing on this show.

The zombie up rising and the witch with the demonic vagina weilding a chainsaw kicked ass, and this tiem its voo doo zombies something we have not seen since Serpant in the Rainbow.  They do have horror elements but they have been uping the FUCKING liek you would not belive



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