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Danielle Harris and A Very Special Message to DC Comics

Danielle Harris and A Very Special Message to DC Comics

Tonight on the show from The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond Halloween, 4,5,9 and 10,  one of the sexiest Scream Queens, Danielle Harris.




Pam returns to the show and we calmly talk about the FUCKING BULLSHIT OF DC COMICS WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THAT PLACE. Also some music at some point in the eve from the Monster House Soundtrack.


Want to know why Pam and I are so angry read this

We will be making up a letter to send to DC comics over this and I want them on the show to talk about this. Maybe its all a lie and DC is not doing this.

Harley and Ivy discuss Batfleck and how to save money on Batman vs Superman
Harley and Ivy discuss Batfleck and how to save money on Batman vs Superman
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Saturday Morning Mystery

strong>Saturday Morning Mystery takes a look at what Scooby Doo would be like if it was real and not cartoony. A group of young paranormal investigators and their dog have found nothing but kiddie porn cons and stupid thieves with no real direction. One day they gety asked to come to a mansion whic has had several disappearances and what they find is something so much more and real it kills them off one by one staring with that pesky Scooby….. I mean Hamlet dog. The “Fred and Daphne” character doe exactly what you think they do when they are away from the group they fuck a lot in every porn star way possible. The Brains of the group who is still portrayed as very sexy just kinda of nerdy bad glasses and hair sexy is the ex bf of the Shaggy stoner. Its described as Evil Dead meets Scooby Doo and it really is when it comes to the villains. The villains happen to be real monsters and not people in costumes. There is of course the bumbling sheriff character as well. This is a decent flick that goes from funny to horror very fast and is exactly like what Scooby and the gang would be if they were in the real world not Hannanh Barbara world.  




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New Comics in Horror

Boy it was busy this Wed, Angel and Faith #25 ended and what a great ending it sets up S10 next year perfectly. Angel is in a better place and now has a new role in life. Army of Darkness/Hack #2 Cassie and Ash team up to stop someone from bringing forth the Army of Darkness. DC Villians month, After the end of Trinity War the Justice League were killes and The Crime Syndicate invaded from Earth 3. Now the villians take over the month of September. Witj leticular covers. These are very very cool. Check out the  story Scarface written by Gail Simone and cont into Batgirl next month its messed up. JOKER takes over Batman and it a fucked look at his child hood. Ben Templesmith has a new book with J Michael Strzinksi Ten Grand is about a PI who deals in supernatural cases all the while redeaming him self enuff to be sent to heaven one day. Its a typical PI ghost chase but Ben’s art work is awsome.

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Interview with Danille Harris and Mr.Smartass Theater Presents


A little later on today I interview Danille Harris regarding The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond, a new movie that FINALLY came out on blu ray yesterday. She has also been in Hatchet 2, and 3 Halloween 4,5,9,10 and on the tv show Holliston as a bitch version of herself.

Tomorow I have a long interview with Director Izzy Lee for her place in my long over due book The New England Horror Filmmakers. I am sure I will interview someon else to get it out of the way before we broadcast it. Pam is also working on a interview or two.

Also Tonight its Mr.Smart ass theater at the Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester MA. With their showing of Nght of the Cobra Woman ooooooo not scary suckkkyyy

Speaking of Snakes have you seen this image for American Horror Story Coven

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Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem


My original Lords of Salem review its on Blu ray this week, I recomend if you were not a big fan of the movie put Rob Zombies commentayr on, he points out little things in the movies and explains alot of what he cut out. NO OTHER BONUS MATERIAL THO WTF,