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The Teseracte Players of Boston

Tonight on the show the people who will be performing at the Rocky Horror Picture show tonight in Leominster Ma next Friday night at the Entertainment Cinema. Pam and I also discuss Sleepy Hollow and SHILED and the Granite State Comic COn we hit yesterday. Music will be all over the place as the band we were to have on had to cancel due to sickness.

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Classic Movies Part 2

Tonight in Leominster MA we will be showing the classic kid adventure film THE GOONIES, Written by Chris Columbus, produced by Steven Speilberg, Directed by Richard Donnor.

Starts at midnight. Thanks to our sponcers, like Newbury comics, Moviestop, Outback Steack House, Thats Entertainment and Movie



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Legacy of Kain returns

The long awaited return of the Legacy of Kain series. I am soooooooo excited I mean WOW. One of the best sleeper hit vidoe game series ever made. This combines gothic art and Vampires and horror games very very cool. This has been loooong over due for many years and we finally see it return in Nosgoth. Its the broken landscape for many years. The last time we saw Kain and Azreal was in LoK Defiance in 2005. It takes place after the events of LOK Blood Feaud. Harmonicks studio is the company behind it. They recently just revitalized Tomb Raider to great results.


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Last week video games lost one of the biggest figure heads of all time, Hiroshi Yamauchi and his death was sooo over looked in our geek culture I was shocked. Bob Chipman for The Escapist made a  great video that sums up the man who was either the Phantom of  the video game industry, or the Emperor of one of the biggest corporations of all time, some people who worked for him might say so. Think of Walt Disney and everything we know abotu him but replace that with a Japanese guy. HE may have been a devil he may have said bad things to his workers but big bussiness is ruthless and mean and he made tough choises that really built a company up from trading cards to a force to be reckoned with  today. His choices and things he did or said may not be right but the product he made I still buy and play with today. With out him we would not have Castlevania, Mario, The Zapper gun, or any of the other great titles or products that came to Nintendo years ago. The Godfather of video games maybe…..                

Yasuraka ni nemuru (RIP), Hiroshi Yamauchi—1927-2013

My co host Pam has every single system Nintendo put out check her out

Former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi

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Comic Con Talk

Tonight on the show Chris the owner of Double Midnight Comics and the head of the Granite State Comic Con

We will also discuss the new Sleepy Hollow the End of Under the Dome and the state of the DC universe as she hates it I love it.  Check out Pam’s Blog


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Good Bye Buffy Season 9

So last week Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and Faith S9 came to an end. Very sad to see them end as this was much better than Season 8 yawn and Twilight storyline. Pam and I next Sat get to meet the writer on Angel and Faith at the Granite State Comic Con in NH, which betwen the two was the better read. The Spike series was also a lot of funn. I didnt read Willows book it bored me. Buffys Zompire storyline was great. Faith really kept Angel in check and Drusilla showing up for three issues kicked ass as she was SANE no longer Crazy Vampire Dru. I hope S10 has the same level of good writing as this one did. I look forward to Jan2014.

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Dracula: Prince of Darkness

On Blu ray this week was the new release of the second time Dracula was played by Sir Christopher Lee. This is the one where he refused to speak the lines cuz it was such dribble, but the movie is ok even tho he is hardly in it. In Brides of Dracula he is no where to be seen its only Peter Cushing. In other movies he talks like Palpatine from Star Wars geee I wonder where Lucas got the dialog from?

In this film a group of tourists stay at Drac’s castle till one by one they are killed or escape. A guy is hung up side down and bled allll over the place, to resurect the count. Its the great gothic setting we have come to love from the Hammer films. The music is by Bernard Herman who did much of Hammer’s scors thru the 50s,60s and 70s, we have played the music on the show and mybe its time to again.

Terrance Fisher who did a lot fo work for Hammer directed this great film and it really shows he has a keen eye for gothic horror. The blu ray is filled with great bonus material last time it was relaeased as just barebones film it self. Chris, Suzan Farmer one of Dracula’s victims Francis Mathews and Barbara Shelly other Hammer vetrens are ont he commentary and they are funny as hell to listen too. There is a couple of documentarys and story board shots which are always cool to see. The blu-ray comess with replicas of theater lobby cards form the films original release in the 60’s. This is to be the first of many Hammer releases from Exclusive media very similar to Synapse films Hammer releases.


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The Small Horror Movie

Ever try using indigogo or kickstarter if you have passion in your project then you can do anything. I mean for chirst sake those Paranormal Activity guys have gone on to work with James Wan on THREE of Horror’s biggest grossing films in the last 2 years.  Lake Eerie could do the same if given a chance by a studio little budget means bigger turn around at the theater.  Meredith Majors and her husband came on the show a few months ago to talk about thier little budget ghost film which has a decent cast so far. Marilyn Ghigliotti from Clerks 1,3 and Corey English from Fear Nets Holliston are among the cast. I might also be involved in this project I said fly me out kill me off o yeah lol. Skip Shea, Izzy Lee, Stacy Buchanan all are from New England and have made small budget films and they have done very well. Give it a try if you have an idea in mind.

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Sleepy Hollow #1

My co-host Pam reviews the new adaptation of the classic Washington Irving Classic tale. I can think of five other versions of this tale. Jeff Goldblum’s 1980 Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The Disney Version with narraator Bing Crosby. The Tim Burton film staring Johnny Depp. The Hollow which costared Kaley Chocolate from The Big Bang Theory. Ahhh but the fifth is my favorite from an episode of The Real Ghostbusters where the horse man was on a bike and looked like Ghost Rider.

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John Elvis, Thommy Hutson and Daniel Farrands

Tonight on the show Pam and I interview John Elvis who plays Ben on Stephen King’s Under the Dome which has its season finale tomorow night. But before you watch that make sure you watch Sleepy Hollow cuz that will be the new show Pam and I bitch moan and complain about every week lol.


Then at 1am we will have Thommy and Daniel back on the show to talk about Crystal Lake Memories which hits dvd and blu ray last FRIDAY THE 13th . We also talk about Insidious Chapter 2 which has broken big box office bucks.




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Insidious Chapter 2

Tonight Pam and I gave away a bunch of Insidious Chapter two Lanters in Leominster MA. As well as Napkins and Water bottles and horror dvds and other weird Horror swag. If you would like a lantern they can be mailed out to you for a donation to the radio station at
We thank every one who tunes into the show and just joined us.



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Horror TV Fall Edition


Look at all the stuff on TV for Horror fans. After Insidious Chapter 2 comes otu all we have left is the remake of Carrie, yeah there might be genre films like Catching Fire, Thor: The Dark World and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smog.

With Under the Dome, Dexter, True Blood, Burn Notice (which fyi has Bruce Campbell in it), ending for good or for the season. we see the return of Grimm S3, Supernatural S9(fyi NOW the LONGEST running Horror tv show in history), The Walking Dead, American Horror Story: Coven, The debut of Dracula and Sleepy Hollow, as well as genre shows like Sherlock, Arrow and S.H.I.E.L.D. We have a lot to watch this fall. I am really excited about the new shows Sleepy Hollow and S.H.I.E.L.D, Dracula I have my reserves about I hope it does well tho. Supernatural I own every season of so you can tell I am a fan. Burn Notice ends tonight on USA  soooo sad;(



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The Walking Dead 10th Anniversary

Wow how old do you feel if The Walking Dead is now 10 years old?

Geeze It’s really been that long I didnt start reading it till 2007 and I have been hooked ever since. The first issue alone is worth over a 1000$. No comic book in years has shot up that high. Ultimate Spider-Man #1 was the last in 2000 to be worth over at least 100. Copies of Batman #1 of the new 52 is over 50 but the little Image Zombie book is a huge collectors item. I read it in TPB and we are up to vol 18 right now Vol 19 hits the stands Nov 19th. The 10th Anniv will happen in issue 115. With 6 differant covers and they all connect to form the image below. The TV show returns Oct 18th on AMC and Season 3 just came out from Anchor Bay last week.

Some stores to find these covers are, Thats Entertainment in Worcester/Fitchburg MA, Bedrock Comics in Framingham MA, Double Midnight Comics in Manchester NH, Harrison Comics in Salem MA, and Wonderland Comics in Putnam CT.