Leominster Movie Theater

No New Horror Movies

For the next month and a half there is no new horror movies, I posted about this back in early Nov, but its for real, there is another Exorcist type film coming out this Jan, but thats it. We get The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by David Fincher. Its a mystery and we get the second Sherlock film staring Downey Jr.  Both mystery or thillers but not horror movies.


Breaking Dawn Part 1

WHY god why is this considered the next best thign in Vampires, why the fuck is this going to be the highest gropssign Horror film of the year WHY WHY DAMN U WHY

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Harry Potter Part 7 Part 2

Come out to Movie Stop tonight in Leominster MA for the Midnight relase of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on Blue Ray and dvd. Even if you are not a big Potter fan there willl be an awsome sale going on. There will be a costume contest and lots of free food. SO come on out tonight starting at 10pm.

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On the show tonight

Tonight we recover from Killer FIlm Fest, we brodcast our recorded Interviews with Jake Busey and Ian Muculcoln and Author Alex Irvine.

Lots of music little talk, met some great people at Killer Film Fest.