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Fringe, and Supernatural are back this season, Tera Nova started last Night, we are still waiting for Dexter, Grimm, American Horror Story, and The Walking Dead. There are lots of good shows coming back to TV for Horror fans than there is stuff in theaters, so stay tuned.


The Looks that Kill Calender Girls

The looks that kill callender girls will be in the studio. One of which is going to be one of our evil little helper demons at ROCK AND SHOCK. Sadly Mark Patton could not mkae it into the studio tonight for ihis interview, but we wil reshcedule.

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Young Frankenstein the musical

Young Frankenstein the musical

Radio of Horror is giving away 2 free tickets to the musical Young Frankenstein next Friday at 8pm at the Hanoveer theater. You also get to go to the cast party after ward at a nice restaurant and meet the cast and crew. Email me to find out how to win these two passes to see this great horror comedy. We will do the giveaway on the air this Sunday as well.





Ken Sagoes and Susurrus Din

Tomorow night my friend and poet  Ryan will be on the show to drop off some great soundtracks and read to us some spooky stories. ALSO Ken Sagoes from Nightmare on Elm St Part 3 and 4 will be on the show as well. He will be calling in to the show around 1230am est. He will be at this years Rock and Shock convention.


Blue Ray

For Genre fans all those great bluerays we talkabout months ago are finally coming out. Halloween 2 and Mimic, Thor, The Entire Star Wars saga, X-Men First Class, Scream 4, Lots of great genre titles for sci fi and Horror fans. Break your wallet go get em.

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New Horror Reviews

Check out my reviews of Last weeks bad fish film Shark Night 3-D and the week before’s soso Don’t Be Afriad of the Dark. Shark Night I gave a 1 out of 5 cuz it SUCKED, and Dont be Afraid of the Dark I give a 3.5 out of 5, as it was not all that bad but not scary at all.  Both are still playing at the Leominster Entertainment Cinema and Blackstone Valley Cinema Delux 14


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Creature Pass Giveaways, Camille Keaton,Creeps and Comic Book Interviews

Creature Pass Giveaways, Camille Keaton,Creeps and Comic Book Interviews

Tonight on RoH we are giving away passes to the film Creature playing in Boston this Thursday night. We are also having a number of Interviews with Camille Keaton (pre recorded), Geof Johns and Jim Lee, (pre recorded) and the Host of Creeps Creature Feature will be live. CK and CCF will be at Rock and Shock this year

Music tonight will be from Jaws.

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Tomorow Night

Come to the Entertainment Cinema in Leominster MA to check out Shark Night 3-D and get some cool prizes as well. Shark night 3-D key chains and squirt guns.

We will also be viewing right afterward Apollo 18 the new new Sci-Fi Horror movies that loooks really creepy.