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Resident Evil:Operation Raccoon City

Not sure how I feel about traveling back to 1998 for another visit to Raccoon City. We have done this in 6 other Resident Evil Games already, and one movie. This is another Resident Evil Game coming out this year that is just rehash material, the other being for the 3DS. Check out the trailer at Dread

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True Blood:All together Now

IDW sent over the first vol of there new True Blood graphic Novel. Takes place before season 3. Looks like a decent read, I would love to read there crossover with the X-Files when that comes to print as well. But check it out at your local comic shop liek Thats Entertainment. The That E Godzilla cover comes out tomorow from them BTW.


Woman of Horror

Tonight on the show we will have several writers from the NEw England Horror Writers Acco on the show to talk about Woman in Horror.

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3 Original Films this weekend

Well sorta, this weekend has Red Riding Hood (which has been done in several differant formats) Battle L.A. and Mars needs Mom’s coming out.

One fantasy horror,one sci-fi action, one sci-fi family film. Battle LA is the only film worth seeing but alas being a horror host I have to see RRH as well.

All films are playing at The Leominster Entertainment Cinema and Blackston Valley Cinema Delux.


The Walking Dead Season 1

Season one of one of the best Horror shows on tv is now on Blue-Ray and DVD.

Once I get a Blue ray Player this will be one of the first things I get. If you have never seen it, it is the best Horror show on TV.