Check out for my article on the horrors of Black Friday. This is also a big slam against Toys R Us. With customer service that bad you really have to wonder how they have survived that long. Sames goes for Walmart but thats another story.


Parasomnia Director

Hopefully if E0ne Entertainment comes thru we will have this director on the show. he also directed the remake of The House on Haunted Hill. meh his new movie now on dvd was much better, and original too.



The grindhouse trailer by Eli Roth is the only Horror related Tday thing I can come up with. Check it out in you tube.


Nothing in Horror

There is no new Horror movies for the next two months can you belive that. however we did a new Horror Game and there is plenty on TV to watch,

Check back in a week for my review of Splatterhouse

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Alex Winter and Zoe Bell

Tonight on the show we play our interviews from Rock and Shock, with actors Alex Wnter from BIll and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Lost Boys  and upcoming director of The Gate. Actress and stuntwoman Zoe Bell also graced us with an interview as well.

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3 Guests and a early show

3 Guests and a early show

Tonight we have from IDW the Writer of 100 greatest moie Monsters Author, Tanya Newbould from the film Skyline, and John one of the heads of Super Con Mega Fest.  We will be ending the show early tonight because of how exhausted I am from Killer Film Fest. Thanks to Mike and Rick for putting on a great show this year up in Foxboro. 

Video Games

Splatterhouse in 3 weeks

Coming soon to 360 and PS3 in 3 weeks. Before Dead Space, Before Resident Evil even before Doom, there was Splatterhouse. If you reserve it at Game Stop you get a 6in Terror mask like Rick wears in the game.

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I do a great recommendation once in a while, check out Witchblade the Anime and The Tv Show both on complete DVD.

Both deal with monsters and the supernatural and hot babes, Yancy Butler play Det Pezzini and the Anime show is set in the future after the current wielder has passed on. The Anime show lasted 24 eps as did the live action show. The Anime was a great step with he character with a different wielder.


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Horror Recovery

I go thru horror recovery this week after Halloween. That means no Horror movies or Games. At most I will watch Dexter,The Walking Dead and Supernatural.
In comics Curse of The Mutants, the big X-men Vampire storyline conts. Also check out Buffy#38 and The sixth Gun 1-4. Other than that nothing else horror related till the show this weekend.

On the show this week we play a bunch of non horror music, we will have Rick from The Killer Film Fest on with us but other than that it will be a wind down show.