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Happy Halloween

Tonight on Radio of Horror the show begins at 8pm, we will have guests on the show all night long. Dan Kimmel will call in to talk about recent horror movies and we will have some authors in the studio from the New England Horror writers. We will also have Danille Harris from Halloween 4,5,9,10 and Jennifer Blanc Biehn from Prank.

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BS Horror Stuff

BS Horror Stuff

You no what’s a load of BS the covers to both An American Werewolf in London and Buffy the Vampiure Slayer The Movie trying to capture the Twilight craze.  For shame studios for shame. The Buffy cop off image I have only seen on Netflix, but here is the Werewolf one.  I am also going to point out how this peice of shit film The Haunted Airman  does the same thing staring  Robert Pattinson, its a ghost film not Vampires,  morons.

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Coolidge Corner Theater Halloween Marathon

Coolidge Corner Theater Halloween Marathon

This weekend at 12am Oct 30th into Halloween Day till noon time, the Coolidge is showing Re-Animator and House, along with 4 other films that have yet to be anounced, but they are good ones. Check out the Coolidge’s website and FB event page for more info.!/event.php?eid=152135991474000

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My Soul to Take & Paranormal Activity 2

This week I had a chance to catch the new Wes Craven film My Soul to Take. I realize this movie has been out for two weeks now but this was the first chance to catch it after the crazy weekend that was Rock and Shock. It’s a vast improvement over his last true horror movie Cursed, (RED LINE was more of a thriller) he once again has three major themes working for him, major family issues with the main character (Nancy’s parents in Nightmare on Elm St all held a secret that they killed Fred Kruegar, and Cindy in Scream was still living with her moms murder over her head). Yes I realize I just mentioned 4 other films by the master of Horror but it was needed in order to explain the ups and downs of this movie. The use of cell phones and a phantom killer. The phantom killer was actually creepy and looked convincing as the Riverton Ripper. It was like a cross between Rob Zombie and a wet bum but still looked real creepy.  Bigest problem I had with the movie was certain origins like of the Ripper were never explained. The movie was shot in 3-D, but I only had a chance to see it in 2-d. I was told I didn’t miss much.  Check ou the show Sunday night for a more in-depth review.

Paranormal Activity 2 arrived in theaters about a year after the last one and a week before Saw7. Smart idea to release it before the final chapter of Horror most recently over done franchise. We will be covering this in detail coming up on the show Sunday. biggest complaint I have is why did it cost 3mil to make it basically looked just like the first one. Maybe because of more actors in this movie. In the original it was two main characters and two side characters. now we have 4 main characters a dog and 3 supporting actors. Two of which are Micah and Katie from Part 1. That is the only spoiler I will give away for now.

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Halloween Marathons

Here are three more great Halloween ideas.
Coolidge Corner Theater Horror Marathon Brookline, MA Oct30-31 at 11 pm,  13 hr moviethon with House and Re-Animator.

AMC Horror Thon, started recently and ends Halloween night with the premier of The Walking Dead TV show.

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Ideas for a day of Horror

Looking to do something for Halloween or before it, here are some things to do.
-Go to Salem Sat, Nightmare Gallary will have William Forsyth on hand to meet and greet fans.
-Go to Frieght Kingdom in NH.
-Pumpkin Picking at several differant places.
-Host a LEFT FOR DEAD 2 LAN party on X-Box360.
-Have a few tv shows on dvd, have a Dexter,Tales from the Crypt,Supernatural,True Blood, Real Ghostbusters marathon.
Lots of cool stuff to try out on or before Halloween.

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Rock and Shock Finished

Rock and shock is finally over.

We got to meet many great people and reconnect with many others, Alex Winters (The Lost Boys), Dee Wallace (Cujo, ET), Brian Steele (Underworld 1,2 HellBoy1,2) Mellisa Cowan (The Walking Dead). The two big things we got to share some laughs and take some great pics with Ruggario Deodata and George Romero. These two people are among the most legendary of film makers and it was great to meet them and get them to sign our stuff.  It would have been great to spend more time with George, but his line was huge and you were rushed thru it rather fast. Danny Trejo was the most expensive person there that weekend. It was hard to drop $30 bucks on his signature, or 20 for a photo with him. A lot of guests said they were asked by the con to charge for photos with them. This seems very strange as we were told that the con does not make up the prices, so very conflicting stories. Hats off to Gina and Kevin for putting ona great show. Only major complaint is the show needs something more added to it. One thing would be to hire an artist to make the R&S program into a mini comic. An idea to wait till next years show to pass along.

ROH only went to one of the concerts but it was the best on Rob zombie and Alice Cooper was one of the best shows we have seen in years. Having been to a Zombie concert in 2001, and 2002 we knew what to expect but it was great to see him live again. Alice Cooper is one of those old school rock stars and finally we saw him, something I was always worried we would never get a chance to do. I stayed for 30 mins of Gwar but had to leave do to a cold. Thanks go to Neal and Brian of Horror Idols without them we would never have been able to go to the concert.

Some of the films and Q&As we had a chance to check out were Human Centipeed (introduced by the cast), Lizbeth-a documentry on Lizzie Borden, Pink Sock- created by my buddy Josh at Movie Stop. We attended the Author Q&A with former guests Jack Ketchum and Joe Netter. The Q&A with Deodata was real cool the man is a legend for one of the greatest goreiest films ever made.

Lost of great Vendors like Dread Central and Fionas Frieght Shop, Paul Nicholasi of Dread is coming on the show tonight. It was also great to meet many peopel who have come on the show and those who have listened I can’t wait till next year see you then.


Rock and Shock Day one

Rock and Shock Day one

Rock and shock the local Worcester horror convention has begun, we will have more updates thru out the weekend. We are  pressed for time and have a lot to go over on the first day liek meeting George Romero. Stay tuned fr more info.

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Rock and Shock Guests GALORE

Rock and Shock Guests GALORE

Tonight on Radio of Horror its non stop interviews with guests and founders from this coming weeks Horror con.

12:05am Part one of  the Interview with Kevin and Gina founders of Rock and Shock

12:15am est Doug Bradley (Hellraiser)

12:40 am Author Jack Ketchum (The Girl Next Door, RED)

1:15am author Joe Netter (Zombie Bukake)

1:40 am Part two of Interview with Rock and Shock Founders


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Castlevania Lords of Shadows

Castlevania Lords of Shadows

At long Last the new Castlevania is here. Forget what you know about previous entries in the series this is brand new and starting off fresh. Harmony of Despair was the last entry in the original timeline. This one starts new. You play as Gabriel Belmont, you just returned home to find your wife Maria dead and you go on a quest with the help of the mysterious Pan and Zobek to confront the Lords of Shadows. 

This is probably the most beautiful Castlevania game we have seen in years. It also looks as tho they finally made a good 3-D game. after years of dealing with 64  ears garbage and the PS2  have ass attempts we get a game where it’s not overly repetitive and stunningly gorgeous. The characters don’t look stiff and the game play is truly amazing. One big thing is you are no longer running around a dam castle anymore. The land scape stretches out far and wide, and there is so much attention to detail. The weapons int he game are what you come to expect and the famous Belmont whip is now a giant cross with a chain in side. The monsters are good and powerful and give you a challenge, sometimes they do seem to swarm you and are annoyances when you want to open a door. this is a minor pain and can be over looked easily.

The voice Acting is fantastic with Patrick Stewart (Star Trek:  TNG, X-Men) Robert Carlyle (Full Monty Stargate: Universe) and Natascha McElhone (Californication), really make the plot flow better than any other game in the series. The script is not corny and filled with bad puns or stupid things the actors don’t even show any emotion. The dialog is that good for once. The music is what you expect from a Castlevania game, Gothic gorgeous and sinister. The game’s musical score has been written by Spanish composer Óscar Araujo using a 120-piece orchestra, including an 80 person choir.

This game is long expected to clock in 15-20 hours of game time for an action game this is very long as most action games will clock in at 10 hours. The pacing can be a bit much at times but its worth it. This is a great new direction the series has taken and I highly recommend this game for new and old fans.

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Let me In or Let the Right one In

Let the Right One In is arguably one of the best Vampire stories in years. Wether its the book or the two movies based on it. Both films are equel in terms of material from the book. The Swedish version stands out more because it came before Hammer studios Let me In. So I am not going to nitpick about fremakes or originality. This weekend on my show you can tune into to see how I compare and.contrast the films and the book.

Let me In is playing at both Blackstone Valley and Entertainment Cinema.