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ImageThe Return of the Turkey Day Marathon!

Do you miss the Turkey Day Marathons of yesteryear, when, loaded with tryptophan, you’d curl up on the sofa with friends and family for a postprandial MST session? Well, you can relive the magic once again with a special Web-only Turkey Day Marathon featuring six classic episodes curated and hosted by Joel.

This streaming event will kick off on Thursday at 9 am PT / 12 noon ET on Thursday, November 28th here at Fans who have suggestions for episodes they’d like to see included are encouraged to tweet Joel (@JoelGHodgson) with their votes.

On Turkey Day, MST-ies can join in on Twitter with the tag #mst3k.  For updates on MST3K Turkey Day, follow @ShoutFactory and @JoelGHodgson, or enter your email address below.

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Happy Thanksgiving

The rumors are true Eli Roth will be making this into a feature length movie lets hope he can make it in time for TDay 2014
ALSO Don’t forget to tune into the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey day live streaming event with host Joel Robinson.

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Post Mega Fest wind down Actor Brian O’ Halloran and Local Music artist Anastasia

Tonight we play Brian O’ Halloran interview the actor from Clerks 1,2,3 and Brutal Massacre, we also have a local songwriter rock star Anastasia, performing a song or three for us in the studio. She has a unique label of songs you have to hear. We discuss Super Mega Fest Sleepy Hollow and Comics as well. Anastasia will be performing at 1215 am est tonight and stick around with us afterward, then we will play Brian Interview.





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BDSM Clubs ,Geek Conventions, Film Fests, and The TARDIS

This weekend very busy tonight is Club FX in downtown Worcester MA, its a new BDSM Bondage wild crazy night of fun and things you may or may not tell your mom about your non vanilla life.



Then Tomorow is SUPER MEGA FEST where we meet a ton of the guests we went over this weekend like Actors Ray Park, Christopher Lloyd, Elvira, Karen Allen, Elisa Dushku, Voice Actor Larry Kenny, cosplayers Nicole Marie Jean, Spencer Doe Authro CJ Henderson, and many more. This is on Framingham MA at the Sheraton Hotel.


Then tomorow NIGHT on 11/23/13 the moment we have been waiting for the 50th anniversary of DOCTOR WHO: THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR on BBC America. So you cant say you dont ahve anything to do this weekend cuz thats a lie. You could also head over to the Somerville theater for Skip Shea’s filmfest. The Shawna Shea Independent Film Fest. This benefits the Shawna Shea foundation.


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American Snuff Story: SEX COVEN

When did American Horror Story become a god damn porno.
  It has had sex in it before and no biggie but this season has been Beastiality, incest, mother on son rape, vaginal death, a rape train on a girl, am I  missing anything wowzers.

I like the characters, dont get me wrong Emma Roberts very cool ( untill her death ) Evan Peters as Frankenkit, Tarrisa Farminga I think I am in lvoe with her. Jamie Brewer is fantastic and they dont play up her down syndrome as much as they did season 1, they treat her like any other woman.  Gabourey Sidibe is interesting as the human pin cushion. I love Angela Basset in anything she does. Jessica Lange kicks ass in every season.  Kathy Bates boy I cant wait for her character to die QUICKLY and PAINFULLY.

I really like the characters this season but  but ….but this is insane. Its no longer a great show its just shy of Porn and I like porn but I watch this show for its called AMERICAN HORROR STORY. This is American SNUFF Story. I cant express an opinion on how she treated slaves its horror onto the United States of American for allowing slavery in the country but lets not get political. Hows its depicted on the show is really mesed up. 12 Years of a Slave have nothing on this show.

The zombie up rising and the witch with the demonic vagina weilding a chainsaw kicked ass, and this tiem its voo doo zombies something we have not seen since Serpant in the Rainbow.  They do have horror elements but they have been uping the FUCKING liek you would not belive



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Super Mega Fest and Bar FX

Tonight on the show The owner operator behind the new night club in Worcester MA BAR FX, it has a unique BDSM night Friday Night.

Then we have Dave one of the two people behind Super Mega Fest in Framingham MA, it has a long guest line up like ELVIRA Mistress of the Dark and Elisa Dushku aka Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Ray Park aka Darth Maul, Christopher Llyod from back to the Future. Larry Kenny from Thundercats and soooo many more. Pam and I will also talk about Sleepy Hollow Dracula and SHIELD,




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Classic Cinema presents LABYRINTH

Tonight in Leominster Ma we will be showing the David Bowie film Labyrinth. This film also gave us Jennifer Connelly. I think Jennifer is one of the hottest actresses out there. She was also a great in the Rocketeer.  David Bowie well its David Bowie sooo yeah Goblin King rules lol.

Directed by Jim Henson and produced by George Lucas.

Starts tonight at midnight come on over to Leominster Entertanment Cinema.



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Vampire ebook review

Vampires humor video games comic books geek life loooking for all these things are hell you might ask how do all theses things fit together check out my ebook, newest review is up on


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Castlevania Lord of Shadows Collection

Dont have the money for X-Box 1 and cant pick up Dead Rising 3,  never picked up LOS back in 2010 well now is your chacne to get the game by konami that kicks ass and brings the classic series into a bold new direction. This game contains the DS game mirror of fate and the two DLC levles as well and for 40 bucks u get a LOT of game even if you did buy Lords years ago and you dont have a 3DS or didnt get the DLC levels you needs to buy this you get it all trade some stuff in to a gaming store liek Game Underground and see if they have it(located in Framingham MA).

Robert Carlyle and Robert Patrick play the two main characters in the game. LOS2 is late and delayed so you have this to tie you over till we get the new game from Konami.




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Hott Band and Hott Babes

On the show tonight the Josh Tate and his band Hellitosis who worked with Fat Foot Films on their music video for the Looks That Kill Calendar which I am part of, as super goth hottie Sarah Michelle and Badd ASS Horror artist Derek Rook, little later on the show a Rock and Shock interview with SEXY Actress Jordon Ladd from Grace, Cabin Fever, Death Proof, (which is Pam’s fav movie) and Club Dread, and Pam I talk about Thor, Sleepy Hollow and comics.



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Tomorow night in Leominster MA come out to see Thor: the Dark World we will have some giveaways but after Thor stay for the Midnight showign of Army of Darkness the third part fo the Evil Dead Movies. IF you went and saw Evil Dead this past March then this was the film that came before that. Tickets are only $5, we give away prizes for this movie.

Thanks to some sponcers like Outback Steak House and Movie Stop