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Have you seen the massive library of titles that have come from SCREAM Factory I own Halloween 2,3, Lifeforce, From Beyond, The Fog, They Live, and The Howling. I still want to pick up the Town that Dreaded Sundown, Prince of Darkness, The Vampire Lovers, and next year Darkman and Nightbread The Cabal cut.

Each one is packed with soooo much bonus material and commentaries. The most well regarded is Halloween 3. It was a film that got shit on soooo much for not havign Michael Myers in it well FUCK THAT. WHO cares they tried to take the franchise into a standalone film each time and all peopel did was bitch abotu no mask wearing serial killer. The blu ray for this film finally gives it what it so justly deserves. When I watched Halloween 3 for the first time in 1997 I was blown away at such a great horror movie.

The Cabal cut of Nightbreed has been making the convention rounds for years and Shout Factory finally picked it up and  will be putting this on dvd and blu ray thru SCREAM factory.

Most of these also contain a great 17-20 min long Horror’s Hallowed ground by Sean Clark, where he goes to the sites where the film was made and shows you the on location areas today.


Scream Factory has been playing loose and goosey with our wallets and they deserve too. Other companies put out just the film not relising they have a massive audience out there for these great films and need to actually pay attention to who their fanbase is and stop ignoring us. Blue Underground, and Synapse filsm do a good job of this as well.



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