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Gene Colon RIP

SAD NEWS in the world of Horror and Comic Books today Gene Colan the artist on Tomb of Dracula and several other titles (co-Creator of Blade the Vampire Hunter) passed away yesterday. Gene was a two time guest on Radio of Horror (2009,2010,)and it hurts deeply to hear of his passing. I met Gene in 2002 at That’s Entertainment in Worcester.

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The Strand Theater

The Strand theater in Clinton MA has been around since 1925 they show movies from a couple of months ago but also a few times a year show classic cinema films. Some Horror related stuff they have shown are Night of the living dead and Ghostbusters. This coming July 12th they will be showing the 1975 Steven Speilberg classic JAWS. I cant wait!!! Go to the Strand theater site for all there info. They are a great place for parties and maybe even having your indie horror movie shown to the public.

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Falling Skies Contest

Falling Skies Contest
Someone will win a FALLING SKIES prize pack of awesomeness if you can all help me get the most “Likes” on my comment on the FALLING SKIES page..HERE’s WHAT TO DO…Read Carefully!! There are TWO steps!!FIRST: Go Here and “Like” FALLING SKIES

SECOND: Go HERE and LIKE my comment!

I will personally thank each and every one of you..and someone will receive a FALLING SKIES Prize pack! Dont’ miss the 2 hour premiere of FALLING SKIES tonight at 9 p.m. on TNT!!

Friend of the show Kevin Barbare co-founder of Rock and Shock and from Waaf has a great contest staring today regarding the debut tonight of a great TV show.
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The Basement

Four strangers are summoned to the basement of an abandoned house by a mysterious entity known only as The Sentinel.  One after another, they are forced to witness heinous deeds they have yet to commit – and which will damn them for all eternity.
 Referred to as “the most accomplished SOV horror film from this era”*, Captives, the sophomore effort of director Gary Cohen (Video Violence 1&2), is now available for the first time in this director-approved version.
The Basement Camp Retro ‘80s “Big Box” VHS / DVD Collection is loaded with new commentaries and spine-chilling extras
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Horrible day for the Canucks

There are true horrors in the world, and those Horrors have befallen the country of Canada. O well its a great day in the city of Boston.

In other news come out to our Green Lantern event tomorow in Leominster MA. If your not interested in seeing GL then go see Super 8 it is the best movie of the summer and one of the best movies of the year.

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Reviews Coming

Will have written reviews of the following films soon, Priest, Drive Angry and Super 8. Lots too do in a few days. Check out for the reviews, and go to Leominster Entertianment Cinema and Blackstone Valley Cinema Delux to catch, SUPER 8 this weekend.




Shout Factory anouced that they were releasing the Gamera collection of MST3K. This box set will have all 5 Gamera movie in it. If you ordered from Shout’s site you get copies of original Gamera lobby cards.  This is the first themed box set from Shout for Myster Science Theater 3000

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Its a Twister Its a Twister

Its a Twister Its a Twister

What better way to get thru the ACT OF GOD then with a few films of the horror genre that touches on these Storms of epic proportions.  A twister touched down in Springfield hope those people are ok it basically just rain right now so not sure what else to say. There is a basement in my building and we have a 360 so we are good to go.

Lets start with the Wizard of OZ, just for that opening sequence that is uber creepy if you hate storms.

Then from the master of suspence Stephen King Storm of the Century, granted its a blizard but its stil has that sheltered in end of the world kind of feel too it.

and then Twister, it really impressed the shit out of us back in 1996, talk abotu some scary shit, remmeber that scene when the drive in playign The Shining is riped apart WOWOW.