Great Horror DVDs
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Great Horror DVDs

Dark Night of the Scarecrow came on dvd today, this is the original Scarecrow film. It is also the creeapiest killer scarecrow film I have ever seen. The movie is directed by Frank de Felitta and written by J.D. Feigelson it aired almost 30 years ago on CBS, as a made for TV movie. Once in a while they were good films. This was one of them. Its about a mental challenged man who is accused of killing a little girl, before the evidence is shown that he tried to save her a lynch mob led by a disgruntled postman kills him. Then days later one by one the people involved are killed off.  They use a sleight of hand tactic that allows you to never see the creature aka the Scarecrow killing any one. The director and the writer have a commentary on the dvd that is better than a behind the scenes feature, they really show a love for this film and give us a lot of great detail into its making.

JD will be on my show Oct 24th for an interview on his great classic finally brought to dvd by VCI Entertainment. Look for a more in-depth review then.







The Psycho Legacy comes on dvd Oct 12 from Shout Factory. This is a great documentary on the orignal 4 Psycho films. in it you have interviews with mostly people from 2-4 as it is sad to say most of the people who worked on the original classic have passed away. HOWEVER there is great archive footage of interviews with them from days long past. You also get to see a rare convention panel Q&A with Anthony Perkins the star of the 4 films. The documentary itself is about an hour and a half long. The bonus material makes it a full 5 hour coverage on one of the greatest films in cinema history. The bonus material is packed full of set visits and panel discussions, a walk thru with memorabilia collectors and so much more.

Oct 17th Shout Factory will be allowing me to interview the people behind this great documentary, more details on who they are as we get closer to that date.


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