Terror Thon 2010
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Terror Thon 2010

First part of the Boston Terror Thon is over for now.

What a great selection of Films, I got to meet the director of The Hershal Gordon Lewis Documentry who also directed Basket Case and Frankenhooker, Frank Henenlotter. The showed two of GL’s films Blood Feast and the Original Wizard of Gore.

J Cannabal Black Cat burlesque show was something to see, the woman in it were amazing and the choreography was impressive. They also showed up clips from old Horror movies from our grandparents day and age.

The town of Somerville is a great little spot for this theater, its surounded by all sorts of differant restaurants so you can always find something to eat in that area. A excellent location for a film festival.

We will return later in the week, when we return to the festival for Dead Snow, Human Centapeed, and The Drive in Horror Show.

Unfortunatly due to financial problems Radio of Horror was not able to return to the Boston Terror Thon.

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